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Li este artigo que achei muito útil para quem está a aprender a fazer pirouettes. O que as minhas alunas me transmitem muitas vezes é que "são tantas coisas para pensar ao mesmo tempo!" São mesmo e por isso não há fórmulas mágicas, o segredo é praticar, praticar, praticar. Também não é possível aprender a fazer pirouettes sentado na cadeira, a ler artigos e a ver videos. Por isso venham às nossas aulas, nós damos uma ajudinha.

"Turns are a must-have in any dancer’s arsenal of skills. Of the many types of turns you’ll perform in a dance class or dance performance, there’s none more standard than the ballet pirouette en dehors. This outward turn on one leg is delightful as a double turn and downright spectacular when done in multiples. Want to improve this dance move? Here are our top twenty tips:

  1. Get to ballet class. Barre and centre exercises pave the way to pirouette perfection.
  2. Strengthen your core.
  3. Practice balancing in retiré (or whatever position you are turning).
  4. Strengthen your ankles to support a high, sturdy relevé.
  5. Align your ribs over your pelvis and keep this connection throughout the turn.
  6. No twisting in the torso while turning.
  7. Take a moment in your preparation to experience an active (not passive) sense of calm – like the intense energy that seems to gather before lightening strikes.
  8. Launch your turn from a well-placed plié.
  9. Practice to find the right amount of push and use only the necessary amount of force.
  10. Withdraw the foot quickly from the floor as you start the turn and bring it to the knee immediately.
  11. Imagine energy in the supporting leg spiraling upward, while energy from the torso drills downward.
  12. Imagine the knee drawing a circle around you as you turn.
  13. Imagine hugging a large beach ball, with your arms, to activate your back and arm muscles.
  14. Work on your spotting technique, relaxing the head and neck, focusing the eyes, and whipping the head with precision.
  15. Visualize yourself doing a beautiful, clean pirouette every time.
  16. Think ahead and know how many turns you want to do.
  17. Breathe, relax, and float around in your turn.
  18. Remember that a pirouette is not a spin, but a controlled up and down movement that happens to rotate.
  19. Just before the finish, lift up, activating the core muscles just a little bit more for a graceful landing.
  20. Practice, practice, practice! Repetition and experience are essential to mastering turns."

Deixo-vos também um video onde podem apreciar a graciosidade e beleza das pirouettes.

Insight: Ballet Glossary - Pirouette

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